What we offer

Our company is very proud to be able to offer to our partners a wide range of services and support in all relevant fields:

Regulatory affairs services

– assistance in filling out various application forms and preparation of documents until the granting of Marketing Authorization;
– translation of PIL, SmPC, and other related documents, preparation of Mock-up designs in local languages;
– Variation changes and MA Renewals;

Marketing & promotion

– All the necessary pre-analysis before introducing new products to the market (prices, competitors, clients, key-doctors, etc);
– Translation of various brochures, flyers and other promotional materials;
– Organization of various product presentations and workshops;
– Constant co-operation with key doctors in all relevant fields such as Surgery, Oncology, Intensive Care, Dentistry, Anesthesia, Cardiology, Gynecology, etc.
Inquiries/orders: Advance payments for most of the orders, prior planning in order to reduce delivery time and keep sufficient quantities in stock, transparency during price decisions.


– Active support in submission of ADR Reports;
– Submission of PSUR as per local requirements;

Storage & Distribution:

– Storage of various sensitive pharmaceuticals and medical equipment in our new facilities;
– Very fast deliveries (during the day) for all our clients in all regions of Kosovo,
– Day to day discounts,
– Regular visits to our key customers,
– Promotional prices for new products;

Service and Maintenance of Medical Equipment:
Our team has two professional engineers and one technician who are able to offer constant service and maintenance support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all medical and laboratory equipment that we offer to our clients.

Contact – Office:

st.Deshmoret e Marecit 231/A
10000, Prishtinë, Kosovë

+386 (0) 49 600 485


Contact – Showroom:

Muharrem Fejza p.n.
(Objekti i Royal-it te VIva Freshi )

+386 (0) 49 888 124